About Us

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We are a Fremantle based company with 20 years experience in the marine industry.

Brian Hill, owner & manager of Elite Marine Coatings has worked on 17 major super yacht projects. He has worked for Evolution Yachts, Oceanfast, Vikal, Superyacht Interiors and has gained a great deal of valuable experience during his time with them. He has also successfully managed overseas projects to a super yacht standard.

He is highly regarded in his field and has proved that he is able manage and lead his team to produce the highest quality of paint and fairing finishes.

He has worked on the following super yachts projects over the years:

  • M.Y. Antipodean (refit)
  • M.Y. Mercedes
  • M.Y. Perfect Prescription
  • M.Y. Altair (refit)
  • M.Y. Thunder
  • M.Y. Teeth (refit)
  • R.Y. Aminah
  • M.Y. Sagitta
  • M.Y. Aussie Rules
  • M.Y. White Rabbit
  • M.Y. Crystal Lady
  • M.Y. Salacia
  • S.Y. Alcanara
  • Delille II
  • M.Y. Crystal Blue
  • M.Y. Anya